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Has anyone ever heard of mollescum?

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My daughter had what looked like a rash on her leg of red raised dots that didn't go away despite applying over the counter creams so I took her to the pediatrician,and she said it was mollescum and that there was nothing she could prescribe me to take it away but gave me a website that offered an ointment I could order to try & get rid of it.I was willing to try so went ahead & ordered it,to the tune of $45 plus tax & s& h.Its still persisting & spreading.Dr.says only thing left to do is take her to a dermatologist & they would burn it off which will of course scar,& it's a painful procedure.the pediatrician also told me that it could be traced back to mats in a gym,as my daughter is in gymnastics.Any suggestions or anyone else ever had this problem please give me some insight before I make the call to the dermatologist.Thankyou

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My daughter has had mollescum for 7 months now. Our pediatrician told us the same thing, that there's nothing they can do. I got the ZymaDerm at Walgreens which is supposed to help but haven't seen any results yet. And it's expensive. Hers are all in places that are covered by clothing so I'm not going to have them removed. She does have one that opened and the got infected and now has staph in it. I took her to the doctor and they gave her an antibiotic ointment for it. The bumps are a pain in the butt and I can't believe there's nothing doctors can do for it.
i would at least go to the dermatologist for a consult.
I would at least talk to a dermatologist, they will be able to give you the best answers.

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