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Has anyone had nighttime sickness ?

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I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not, I just got sick last night and this evening. Exact same times. I have been moody, not sure about my period because I just got off of depo 2 months ago. Don't know if I'm pregnant? Any guesses?

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Your last shot was 2 months ago, or wore off 2 months ago?If your last shot was 2 months ago you are probably not pregnant. Depo is good stuff :). If it wore off 2 months ago, you could be pregnant and I would recommend a test. Cheap ones work just as good as expensive. If you are not pregnant, it could just be your hormones settling out from the depo being gone. When I went off depo, it took about 4 months after my last shot wore off for me to get pregnant. Hope you get the answer you want :)
I'd take a test to be sure.  As for the sickness, I was sick morning,noon and night.  So, yes, you can have night-time sickness.  Good luck!! 
You can  have sickness anytime of the day even if it's called "morning sickness". If your last shot was 2 months ago, or wore off two 2 months ago, and you've been having sex without extra backup pretection you can very while be pregnant. Take a test to be sure. Better to find out sooner so you can start with prenatal care if you are pregnant.
i had what i called all-day sickness. forget morning sickness, i had my head hanging over the toilet every 10 minutes like clockwork. it lasted up until i was almost 5 months pregnant. nothing helped either. a lot of women get relief from crackers/bread, and gingerale/sprite. if you are pregnant, and the sickness gets to be unbearable, your obgyn may be able to prescribe you something for it. good luck

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