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Has anyone had an Odd period and still be pregnant

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I was wondering if anyone has had this happen and still be pregnant. Me and my partner are trying to get pregnant. I had a miscarriage about 3-4 months ago. We have been trying ever since. For the last 2 weeks i have been experiencing some symptoms that i know are signs of pregnancy and others that i am not sure. I have been getting Nauseous randomly throughout the day, and if i smell something that is strong or very nasty. Been getting headaches that come and go whenever they feel like. Weird, fluttery feelings in chest area every so often. Odd Pressure feeling in lower stomach. Was very tired for 1 week and then this has mostly gone away. Breast tenderness that was really bad for about 2 days and then on and off for the rest of the time (this was about the middle of the last 2 weeks.) Noticed that the veins in my breast have been more prominant, and that is not normal for me. I am very fair skinned but have never been able to see this much vein through my skin here or this clear. The veins are so noticable that if i look i can see them running through the darkened park of my breasts, which i never could before. My breast also seem a bit heavier and just a tad larger. Then when i was due for my period (may 12th) It didn't come. Then on may 13th, I thought i had gotten my period when i woke up. It was not like a normal period. It was more like water that had been dyed. It was not even like a normal flow. It was so light in fact that i did not need to use any tampons. This has never happened before. Especially the first day of my period. Then the next day, it was a little heavier, but still watery. I only had to use 2 tampons the entire day, which is still not normal for my second day. Then That night (may 15th) it seemed to go away completly. By morning it was completely gone still. Later that day (may 16th) i had some very very light bleeding, which was not even a normal red color. It was more of a pink/red mix. This again went away by the end of the night. Yesterday (Still the 16th) it was completely gone again.I was also having trouble getting comfortable and getting to sleep last night. I also noticed that i was getting a bit nauseous again. This happens every so often still but not as much as it was the first week and a half. When i woke up this morning,(may 17th) I still didnt notice it anymore, But when i used the bathroom i noticed a very small amount of a brownish pink discharge. Still nothing except a little bit of this here and there. I have also noticed over the last 3 or 4 days, when in certain positions, it hurts a little bit during intercourse, but very little and does not last. Is this normal? Between may 1st and may 5th i had some cramping as well. I have taken 3 First Response tests, and all have come up negative. (of course this was before i should have gotten my period, about 7 days, then 5 then the day before. I took a 4th test the day i should have gotten my period as well. Still negative. I should probably mention that my "normal" period always lasts between 4-6 days. But this does not match up with my normal. I have also noticed that vertain little things have been making me upset very easy. I am not one who cries very easily, but for the past week and a half or so i have been getting emothional very easily. Anyone have any idea what may be causing this? I realy need answers. Sorry about this being so long and so much detail, I just really need to figure out what this is. Thanks in advance.

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Well, You won't be ale to tell for sure without taking a test, And acually I recommend having a doctor do a pregnancy test because it's accuratee and theres no chance that you could get a false neg. Don't get too angry if your not pregnant because sometimes concieving is difficult, I tried 11 months for my baby, but it''s worth it. Just in my opinion you could be pregnant.
I have taken  a total of 4 tests. All came up negative. How long should i wait til i take another one? Also, so you or anyone else know anywhere i can get the test done at a dr.'s for free or cheap? At the momeny i dont have medical coverage and had to reapply for it. So i dont want to mess anything up with that. Thanks again :-)
I have taken  a total of 4 tests. All came up negative. How long should i wait til i take another one? Also, so you or anyone else know anywhere i can get the test done at a dr.'s for free or cheap? At the momeny i dont have medical coverage and had to reapply for it. So i dont want to mess anything up with that. Thanks again :-)
You can take a test and should get a reliable result at this point. It's always best to wait to take a test until you have missed your period. It's possible you experienced implantation bleeding and not a period, but the only way to tell is to take a test. You can go to Planned Parenthood to see a doctor if you don't have health insurance. They don't charge, they just ask for a donation of whatever you can afford. If you can't afford anything, that's fine.
OK, that sounds like a good idea. Ill try that and the planned parenthoood thing as well. Thanks a lot. If anyone else has any similar experiences or may be able to help, I would really appreciate the advice and/or tips. Im jsut so confused about all of this it's driving me insane. I have never had a problem like this before. I Just want to know so i can take care of everything/everyone the best i can. Im already doing what i can but i dont wanna go out of my way until i know for sure what is what. Again thanks and i really appreciate everyone's advice. Looking forward to more jsut to try to figure this out.
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