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Has anyone used organic hair dyes during pregnancy?

2 answers
I will wait till my 2nd trimester to dye my hair, but is it safe? Has anyone had success with one product vs. another? The roots are really showing and the pregnancy has only just begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

answers (2)

stop being so neurotic. it's just hair-dye. you and your baby will be just fine.
I am on my sencond trimester and have never stopped coloring my hair every three or four weeks at the most, and I keep using the same hair color as before. When I first went to the doctor they gave me a pamphlet on some of the dos and don'ts of pregnancy and in there it says that no hair product has been proven harmful to babies since the amount that is actually absorbed into your body through the capillaries is minimal. The major concern is an allergic reaction, but I would say that if you colored your hair before and never had a problem, it should be ok now. If it makes you feel better use a semi permanent hair color that does not contain ammonia, but this will only work if you do not need to lighten your natural hair color.

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