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Have been trying for 5 months now...what`s the deal?

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Okay, so I conceived my son the very first month of trying (well technically I wasnt trying but basically I got pregnant the first month I started having sex with my sons real father) Btw, my sons father is not around...that was back before I grew up. ANYWAY, I am now with my husband of almost a year, and we have been trying to conceive for the past 5 months. And nothing. EVERY month, my period has been up to 4 days late, making me completely crazy, and spending a fortune on pregnancy tests! It cant be me??? So is it my husband? OR IS THIS COMPLETELY NORMAL??? I dont know if we should see a fertility dr. or not? Its sooo frustrating!

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My good friend just got pregnant and they had been trying for 10 months. They don't consider you having a problem unless you have been trying for over 1 year. Her doctor said that stress and obsessing over it can can actually make it harder to conceive. So as hard as it is not to stress over it, just try to relax and enjoy the process! :) Easier said than done, but I wouldn't worry about it until you have been trying more than 1 year. GOOD LUCK!!!
It took me 4 months of sex at least 3 times a week with no protection at all to get pregnant with my first child, which I then miscarried after 5 weeks. Sometimes it just takes a while. Best of luck and hope it happens soon for you guys.
Actually, depending on your age, some fertility doctors will be willing to see you after only six months of trying.  (You'd have to be over 30 or 35 for this, though.)  Sometimes it can take longer to get pregnant with subsequent children than it did your first - even when the mom and dad are the same on the second go-round.  DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH YET.  If you're over 30, talk to your OBGYN at six months and see if you can't get into a fertility clinic.  If you're under, still talk to her, if you like, but be prepared to have to wait an extra six months.  And don't stress about the fertility clinic - the first thing they'll do is just basic fertility tests, nothing invasive, nothing scary.  They'll test both you and your husband, and that'll give the doctor the information needed in order to recommend a course of action.  Most insurances will cover at least this much of the process, but you might want to look into what your insurance covers now (just so you know).  Good luck!
have sex every other day, and try using an ovulation predictor. there is one on this site, or you can purchase one at a drugstore. check out the infertility section of this site, you will find some valuble information. just relax, and have fun.
They'll test both you and your husband, and that'll give the doctor the information needed in order to recommend a course of action.dissertation writing help

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