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have a friend who needs help.....

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my friend wants to know if its truth that if she doesnt take the prenatal pills that her baby will come out small.... true or fales???

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Could go either way. How is her diet otherwise? Getting enough nutrients? There are people out there that don't know they are pregnant and don't take pills and their babies turn out fine. There is a show out there about these women. Don't remember what channel it was on though. The pills are there to ensure the baby gets all that it needs to grow healthy and strong. She can always mash the pills if she is having a hard time swallowing them.
im the girl she is talking about.. my diet isnt very good i eat alot of fast food and i eat alot of sweets i hardely ever eat healthly food.. is that good for my baby..?
You have got to be kidding, Jessica16 . . . right?! No, a poor diet isn't good for the baby. I know people who have had poor diets and smoked cigarettes throughout pregnancy and their babies are fine. But you risk so much . . . there are numerous things that can go wrong. With a poor diet you are more likely to get gestational diabetes, which is really bad for you and the baby. In that case your baby will be at a higher risk for developing diabetes later in life. Now is a great time to start eating healthy - it would be great for you and the baby. Take the prenatal vitamins. They are not hard to get; I get mine at Walmart and they are made my NatureMade. You need enough folic acid in your diet to help protect the baby from certain birth defects, and the prenatal vitamins provide that as well as other benefits. Your doctor should tell you all of this. Taking care of yourself now is the best thing you can do for your baby. By doing so you are potentially avoiding a life full of headaches and troubles; that can go along with caring for a child with special needs. Something to think about. Best of luck to you. 
You should definitely be taking prenatal vitamins. Even if you ate a perfectly balanced, healthy diet it would still be difficult for you to get all the nutrients you need during pregnancy because so much goes to your baby. To make sure that you and your baby are both getting everything you need you have to eat a healthy diet and take prenatal vitamins. They aren't expensive. I go to GNC and get their Prenatal Pack. It has a multivitamin you take twice a day, extra calcium and DHA. It's only $20 for a one month supply. Or, you can get a prescription for prenatals from your doctor.Everything you do during pregnancy directly impacts your baby, don't you want to be doing everything you can to ensure your child is as healthy as possible?
You should definitely take prenatal vitamins! They are very important to take while pregnant. It will help insure your baby is getting what it needs to grow. You should also eat better. Fast food is not good for you, pregnant or not. You should put your babies needs first and do what is best for him/her. Talk to your doctor and be truthful and I'm sure they will tell you what you should be doing throughout your pregnancy.

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