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Have IUD currently, Want something I can get preg easier, as I choose!

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I have had the Mirena IUD for a few months shy of 5 years! I absolutely love it, however, we are looking to add a second child into our little family. Not right away, but within the next 5 or 6 months. I don't want to get another IUD and pay a large amount of money(since I don't have insurance anymore) when It would be in for less than a year. I am not familiar with other birth controls, I took the pill before and don't remember what I took...hehehe however, that is how my daughter came around. she was a birth control woops! Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations of a good birth control to use? I really want to try and eliminate or reduce periods too, I've gotten so used to not having one that it would be very annoying and inconvenient to have them again. Plus, my periods are very painful as is! Thank you for your help and opinions!!!

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A Dr once told me that the time to take out your IUD is a gray area.  You don't have to have it out right at the 5 year mark.  I would talk to your OB and see if he advises on keeping it in for a few more months.  After I had mine out I was pregnant again with in 1 cycle.  Good luck!

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