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have you been able to get pregnant yet?

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I was your age when i had my first child and am appalled by people telling you that you shouldn't. if you feel as if you are ready and know what your getting yourself in for then there is no reason why you should not create a miracle. you have my support x

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If you are referring to Yuri_lesbo, we all have her best interests at heart when we tell her to wait. What it comes down to is economics. How can she afford a baby? It is irresponsible to tell a 16-year-old who is now about to be kicked out of her mother's house that she should go ahead and get pregnant. It wouldn't kill her to wait a few years until her life is more stable. Perhaps the first step is moving out of her mother's house, getting a place of her own and seeing if she can support herself. If she can and has some money to spare, then maybe that would be a good time for a baby if she chooses. Lets not create another welfare mother reliant on a broken system.
I agree with Kimmieapples. Why rush into something you can't afford. I hate paying for other people to get assistance especially after I got laid off from my job. I can't get assistance, why should the underage get assistance when they don't have to pay in?
Are you talking to someone specific?

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