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Have You been searching for a legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home

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The Nation's Leading Health Benefits Company is currently searching for phone-friendly people to work two different positions from Home. Along with having an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau, we have been featured on programs such as "Good Morning America" & "60 Minutes", and in publications like "The New York Times", "American Medical Review", many Home Business magazines, and more. About the Available Positions: *The 1st Position offered is the "Training Specialist/Recruiter" - With this position you would simply help other people to work for us. There are millions of people looking for real work they can do from home. You would be trained to interview individuals to see if either of these positions may be right for them. *The 2nd Position offered is the "Benefits Specialist" - With this position you would be trained how to enroll individuals or groups into one of the Benefit Plans. The benefit packages are very affordable ($14.95 - $150 per month for the entire household). Both Positions Provide: *Upfront Double Commissions *Monthly Residual Income - You Choose - 20%, 30% or 40% Commission *Company-provided Ecommerce Websites *Professional Back-Office Website *Complete Training done 100% From Home via Internet *Ongoing Training via Conference Calls *Personal Mentor/Coach *Family Benefits Package *Flexible Hours - Part Time or Full Time Requirements: Must have a phone, computer with Internet access and basic computer skills. Must be 18+ with a High School Diploma. Must be a Resident of the United States. Previous Customer Service experience is helpful but not required.

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Nice spam.

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