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Have you got pregnant after having a tubal ligation?

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I got a tubal ligation on January 28,2011 because I already have three beautiful children a daughter and twin sons.To me three children is a lot of kids,though my husband and I did want a boy and a girl and we got 2 boys and a girl.But,three months after my tubal I got pregnant and my baby is due January 28,2012.I was posting this question because I wonder how rare or not rare this type of situation is.So if this ever happened to you I would like to know.

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It's not especially common but it can happen. There are two ways a tubal ligation is done. One procedure uses small clamps to close the fallopian tubes, the other actually cuts and removes a small portion of the tubes and seals the cut ends. With the clamp procedure it is possible for the clamp to fall off, allowing you to get pregnant. The second procedure is similar to a vasectomy and it is possible for the cut ends to heal together, also allowing you to get pregnant. Either way, it isn't especially common but it is known to happen. 

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