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This is my 3rd pregnancy. I saw my OB today and gave him a list of strange symptoms that I am having that I did not experience with my first two. His only explanation for me was that every pregnancy is different and he was sorry I wasn't having a very good time but whining wasn't helping and everything I was complaining about wasn't drastic enough to make him want to deliver me early. I'm only 34 weeks and have no want to deliver early but jeez. :/ Through net searches I know your feet/legs are suppose to swell but I have not found anything about when they swell enough to have liquid come through your skin... numbness in the pelvic area is normal, how much numbness? I get numbness that makes it feel like EVERYTHING below my hip bones is gone, not just numb but gone. Sciatica is normal but is it suppose to be a temporary shooting pain down your leg or crippling "cramp like" pain that can last for up to an hour? There are more but I don't want to sound like I'm whining :(( :((

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I'm sorry I can't offer much help except for my third pregnancy I suffered bad pain in my right hip so that I ended up on crutches crying when I tried to move.  I got the usual 'hormones' talk and each pregnancy being different.  Re: pelvic numbness have you had a previous c-section as that could cause numbness perhaps?  I would get a second opinion if you are having so many issues.
 Maybe u should go and get a second opinion frm another doctor if your worried remember better being safe then sorry... i think its worth it ...!! And it will probably make u feel better..!!

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