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Is having one hip or the other lock up normal during pregnancy?

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I am 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I have been having pains in my hip because it feels like it locks up on me to where i can not move and I was wondering if that is normal during pregnancy?

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Strange things can happen to the body during pregnancy, especially once the hormone relaxin is being produced. This hormone relaxes the ligaments around joints, which affects more than the necessary pelvic joint That has to spread a little during birth.i'm 20 weeks along and a few weeks ago my pelvis started separating early. It causes pain when I walk or move the wrong way. I'm also having a lot of lower back pain because my L3 and L4 are rotated. I mad problems like these with previous pregnancies, but could never do anything about it. This time, I've got three kids to take care of, I'm a college student taking dance classes, and I don't have time for pain to slow me down. My midwife (so much better than a regular ob) is referring me to an acupuncturist to see if that might give me some relief. You can look into the same thing, and definitely ask your doctor about the different kinds of support belts that might be helpful for your hip. I have one for my pelvis, and it helps sometimes.

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