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having problems potty training 3 1/2 year old.

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My 3 1/2 year old is still not potty trained. We have tried everything that every book says and she is bound and determined to not go. She's is VERY stubborn. When ever we ask in an exciting voice and not pushing if she wants to go in the big potty and she always says no. When she knows mommy is going to the potty she comes as well and she knows what mommy is doing and I ask her if she wants to go too and she just always reply's no. We don't know what to do anymore. We've just backed off a little because we were told by her doctor that she'll learn in her own time, but I feel like she's never gonna want to learn. She's not in daycare and we don't have a lot of play dates because of both mine and my husbands work schedule so she doesn't see it a lot with other children. She has one friend that we've said "hey do you want to go potty in the big girl potty like so and so.." she's always saying no. We've tried walking around the house with no pants and she doesn't seem to tell that she has to go until she does. We explain what just happened and we aren't up set at all. We try to be "hey! you went potty, that's what it feels like when you have to go potty. Next time tell us when you have that feeling again." Then she doesn't ever tell us and we have another accident. She never has a real schedule of when she goes. she drinks about the same amount of liquid every day but yet every day is different. Sometimes she has really full diapers and other days it's barely any. Please help.

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My son was really stubborn about going potty. He was in daycare and that did help. The other thing that really helped us was finding the reward that worked. We told him that he couldn't watch tv unless he went peepee on the potty. Every few hours I would quiz him and tell him that he couldn't watch Yo Gabba Gabba unless he went to the potty. A lot of times he would run to the toilet and go even if he didn't really need to just so he could watch tv. What they did at the daycare was to take the kids every hour every day whether they needed to go or not. Just to kind of get them familiarized. She will get the hang of it soon. You just have to find the right reward currency. Good luck!
My now three year old had a really hard time with it when we started. She is very stubborn too and it felt like an endless battle to get her to use the potty. Every hour I made her go potty, and I threw all her sippy cups away so she would have to sit at the table to drink. I think with older kids especially they just don't want to leave the activity they are working on, so I always made it clear we would come right back to what ever we were doing. Eventually I found Pull-ups I phone app and with the combination of all our tricks and then the alarm that sounded a little tune every so often she was completly potty trained. We even braved Disney World with no pull-ups this week.
I have 8 years of day care experience working with 21/2 to 3 year olds, so i've helped lots of families potty train their children.  My best advice is to ditch the diapers! Pull ups don't work very well either (use at bedtime only). When she has an accident ask her where her potty goes and remind her that it goes in the toilet.  Just deal with the accidents.  She will probably have quite a few the first 2 days but you should see improvement as the week goes on. Have her sit about every 2 hours, every hour is a little excessive. Never get angry and use lots of praise when she does go in the potty. Get overly excited and sing and dance. you can give stickers or stamps when she goes (i recommend not using candy). When children are ready it shouldn't take longer than 2 weeks (in full time underwear!).  Even if you go to the store or on along car ride do not resort back to diapers or pullups. have her sit before you leave, at the store, make frequent stops to the gas station.  if you're worried about her carseat getting wet you can use a towel or they sell car seat protectors at the store (target i know sells them).  stay positive, be patient, and stick to the big girl undies! good luck!
Hello there.  This may be a bit off topic however it affects many families. We have a 5 year old with autism we are trying to potty train and a 3 year old with ADHD who isn’t trained yet.  They both disrobe and play in their diapers.  We actually invented some special needs autism clothing that helps the situation.  It is an escape proof pajama called The Wonder Jumper and it is a romper sleeper that zips in the back. Our company is called iKids Fashion   thanks a lot!
Have you tried a program? See if this helps
Potty training can be so hard, I've also been there. But luckily I stumbled upon a website and tried a 3 day method I found there. That really worked great, wish I knew of that earlier. Can really recommend it to every parent that is struggling out there!

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