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Having a second baby?

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Ok ladies..I have a 13 week old sweet baby girl. I DO NOT want to get pregnant again right away. In fact, the plan was to wait three or four years to try again for another baby. However, I think about this future baby ALL THE TIME. I did not have an easy pregnancy, and we certainly cannot afford to have a houseful of children. I think I love my baby so much that I want more than I can handle, maybe? Anyone else experienced this feeling so soon after childbirth?

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 yea !! i had a baby girl jst 2 years ago and ever since she was born i wanted to have another one !! and jst like you im always thinking about having another baby and how cute it will be !! i think maybe for me its because  i see all these other small cute babys..!! do u have any smaller babys around...? sometimes seeing them makes you want one ..!! Also i think its because i didnt have an easy pregnancy eather because  i was soo young.. i would always see things i couldnt affored and i would say for my next one and so now im wishing for that perfect pregnancy that i didnt have the first time ...I think i wasnt soo happy with my first experiance in labor my MIL ruined it for me so now i want to give it another shot...!! But like you we cant afored another baby quite yet so i just have to be pasient and wait for the right time... I say you should do the same !! pluss you should enjoy your 13 week old for now.. remember those are momments that will never come back !!
This is called "Baby Fevor" and all women get it at some point.  most not that soon after their first.  Listening to both your comments I noticed that both of you had difficulity with your first baby and yall are both pretty young.  Focus on the new baby and let your hormones cool off for awhile.  Just remember that hardly anyone has a "perfect pregnancy experience" and alot of the ones that say they do are probably lying.  Nothing is ever perfect so enjoy the gift God had given you now and wait to see what He holds for you in the future.
I am enjoying every minute, for sure. I had two miscarriages and we tried for 3 years to get pregnant before we finally did. I guess I am enjoying being a mom so much that I am hoping I can become one again someday. I am just concerned my thoughts are a bit obssesive. I have a lot of friends who are pregnant right now and I am secretly jealous. It's corny but true that growing a baby inside of you is truly an amazing experience.

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