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Having TERRIBLE dreams! :(

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I've had dreams about losing my baby and actually like animals dying in my dreams!! I can't take it it makes me not want to sleep but then again I need to. I honestly don't know what to do! :((

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I know the hardest thing about being pregnant or a mom is the bad dreams you can not control, but remember dreams do not actually mean what you dream about.  All of my life I have had very vivid colorful dreams and I use the dream dictionary online all the time to find out what they mean.  I suggest you do an internet search for a dream dictionary to get to the root of what is causing them.  Good luck.
try to think of positive things before you go to bed, things that make you happy. try to think of something other than baby. maybe try fantasizing about your hubby. something that won't have you thinking about baby so maybe your mind won't go wondering there.
I've been having a lot of weird dreams too but not of baby. Mine have been about animal attacks. I usually lay there a few minutes and try to think of something else before falling asleep. usually works too.
Thank ya guys I will try this tonight! :)

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