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having trouble changing my 10 month olds diet

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I finally realized i was alittle behind in introducing new foods and drinks to my son. He's only interested in his formula as a drink, he is a big boy, and drinks a lot of it. I know now he should be drinking water and maybe water mixed with juice as well. He just doesnt seem interested, and im worried that im making him unhealthy. he's been doing really well eating the chunkier foods however. any advice would be great

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by this age, he is able to have juice mixed half and half with water. gerber has some yummy flavors that are low in sugar, and high in vitamins. 100% juice is what you want to look for. i would offer table food. try to get him to eat some finger foods. gerber also makes great snacks for this age group. yogurt melts, zwieback crackers, etc. cheez-it's are low in sodium, and fat. soft, seedless fresh fruit. steamed veggies with butter and seasoning. the list goes on. let him see you eating a variety of foods, and it will soon peak his interest. offer a cup when you serve juice, don't put it in his bottle. hope this helps! good luck.
Try and try and try again and again!! He is able to do the juices and the yourgurts i use to mix it w cereal and fresh fruit purees. I use to make my babies (twins) foods from scratch, which is basically steam and puree. The taste is soo much better than the jars.They also have little stars pasta you can make w butter cheese or tomato sauce. He can also eat meat pureed in w the vegetables. Then at 12 months I would puree what I ate little chunkier though less salt. Just keep trying and also the milk should be cut down  to 3 bottles a day as meals r replacing the formula.
Don't introduce juice unless it is something you feel strongly about, empty calories with minimal nutritional value.  Soft or cooked fruit with the added vitamins and fiber is way better.  When you have him in his high chair for meals or snacks only have a sippy cup of water available then once his food is done you can give him his milk.  Of course you will want to give him full milk servings in the morning and at night.  The learning curve for the food right now is the chewing and swallowing so just keep introducing the chunky food and get chunckier as he is able to handle the food, sounds like you are doing that already.  Variety is the key to establishing a child willingness to eat a lot of different foods later in life.  I also heard once that you can introduce a food to a toddler up to 30 times before they are willing to try it.  Good Luck!
The main nutrients come from breast milk or formula up to year one, so I wouldn't stress over the liquids.  My son is almost 11 months, and we've only introduced water in a sippy cup.  He practiced with it for a couple of months, and just "got it" a couple weeks ago.  Now, he is highly amused and loves to take sips from the cup, but he still doesn't drink much more than 1/4 cup at a sitting.

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