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HCG levels : Someone please answer me

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i'm 21 years old and have always wanted kids on January 2,2011 i took a home pg test yay positive. I made a ob appointment and went. that night i started bleeding very little but it scared me i went to the emergency room they checked everything my horomone level was 443. my last period was 11/24/2010 so by m last period i am 7 weeks .On December 16,2010 i had gallbladder surgery but they done bloodwork and i wasn't pregnant in fact bloodwork was repeated december23 and pregnancy was negitive . then like i said before jan 2 i took a home test it was positive. all blood work and home test are all positive now. I went back jan 7th for 2nd HCG level it was 619 then again on the 12th it 991. My dr done a ultrasound didnt show anything. but she wants to do another one at the end of next week if nothing still shows she wants me to have a D&C i keep trying to tell her there is no way possible i can be 7 weeks what should i do

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Well I definitely wouldn't let her do a DNC! If she keeps on and doesn't listen to you I would change drs. You can't risk your baby on her not listening. I don't get though how your blood work was negative on dec.23 and then on jan.2 you had a positive test. Normally you don't have a positive home test until around 4-6 weeks. I would give it a little more time but this is definitely confusing. I hope all turns out ok for you. Good luck! :)

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