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He has an 11 month old baby with another women my baby is a month old

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I'm having a difficult time accepting he has a daughter 11 months before me son was born .i dated this guy for 1 1/2 before I got pregnate . I already had two kids and been raising them alone anyways me n my boyfriend broke up for 2 months ,when we got back together he told me he had sex with another girl I accepted it n moved in with him(I was happy he was honest)Shortly after we got engaged and moved in together ...I got pregnate after our son was born the girl he had slepted with during the break up contacted him telling him he is the father of a little girl who is 11 months old .it breaks my heart I feel betrayed and hurt .i know he didn't cheat in me but how do I get passed this ?should I even try working this out ?

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