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He says "i love you" I say "ok? are you drunk?"...bad move?

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my best friend josh shocked the hell out of me when he came by my house at 4:00am knocking on my window like crazy. so i open the door just a crack and he pushes the door open all the way and just walkes in and scares me to death when he did that. Well i ask him whats wrong and well heres the chat....... me- whats wrong josh you ok? josh-no nothings ok blair everything is wrong me-what do you mean...hello talk to me whats wrong did you and fala get into another fight do you need a place to stay? josh-NO NO NO SHUT UP AND LET ME TALK! me-josh WTF my family is asleep can you lower your voice....lets go outside to the back yard josh-ya ok sorry. (we go out side to the back) me-now slowly tell me whats wrong. josh-everything is wrong because of you me-excuse me how is everything wrong because of me? josh-i cand stop thinking about you blair your amazing your one of a kind. me-ummm what? josh-I LOVE YOU BLAIR! me-ok? are you drunk do you need a ride home? josh-uuhhhh BBBLLLLAAAAAHHHH me-ummm josh? josh-never mind bye blair see you tomorrow. me-??? did i make a bad move? i feel like i did because its 9:00am and josh hasnt shown up to school yet

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Your a teen, to you and other teens love is important and its hurtful to hear or think someone doesn't. To you maybe it wasn't wrong but to him it could've hurt him in ways you didn't expect it to. Though you might have thought you didn't say anyting to hurt him or try to it might have I think maybe the next time you talk to him ask him how he feels. Listen just let him tell you because if he doesn't get it out it can make things worse. Good luck!
he's 20 1/2 and im 16 1/2 he has a gf and ya shes my homegirl so ya it shocked me like hell
I probably would have had the same reaction, honestly, 'cause you're right, he DOES sound vaguely drunk.  Or high, or maybe seriously sleep deprived!  If you haven't seen him by this afternoon, and you're worried, you might want to give him a call or stop by his house to make sure he hasn't done anything stupid.  If you feel weird doing it, you might want to tell your homegirl (his girlfriend) and ask if she's seen him.  You don't have to tell her the exact conversation if you don't want to (after all, hearing that her boyfriend is declaring his love for her best friend isn't going to help their relationship much), but she might know more about what's going on in his (clearly addled) brain. Honestly, I don't know that you could have done much differently, other than maybe not accusing him of being drunk.  (But again, I would have done the same.)  Because sheesh, who expects THAT conversation at 4am?????
He is probably embarrassed to see you! I know if I declared my love for someone and the response was "are you drunk?" I would be pretty embarassed LOLGive him a call, or text if it will make you feel better but he might not answer them either.
First of all, at this point you shouldn't be hanging out with adults. You're a teenager in high school, you need to be friends with kids your own age and this guy needs to be with adults his own age. Relationships between teenagers and adults, especially of opposite genders, often get inappropriate as it seems this one is becoming.If I were you, I would avoid as much drama in your life as possible. That means avoiding people and situations that are not healthy for you. You're still in high school and that should be your priority. You need to focus on school more than your social life. You've already had one pregnancy, you need to take a step back to look at your life objectively. You should be focusing on preparing for your future.
@azriona yesterday was thursday when it happened and today is friday 8:16am. I called him thursday after schoolat 5:30pm but he didnt answer his cell phone i called the house and fala his gf answerd and said he went to the store. I asked how come josh didnt show up to the school  (he usually does every day since the day we met) she said he over sleped and she said today to. i didnt know if i should of told her cuz she has her own problems to deal with with her family.       true bad response but her what would be the first thing to pop into your head at 4am? he works from 11:00pm-3:40am     @cresteds hahahahaha lol well it was the first thing that poped into my head he shocked me                i tryed but no answer i even wint by his house.    @vforventure true but were i live age is a number we dont pay attention to (no one under 12 dates only 13 up my sister is dateing a 21 and shes 13) people who share the same intrest in music or dress code hange together no matter the age. I finish high school today i only need one more credit and thats in music the easyest subject to me cuz music is my passion
Well, sounds like he hasn't done anything stupid (except maybe skip school, but my imagination was going much worse/fatal).  I agree that he's probably just embarassed to see you.  I'd say your options at this point are to either hunt him down and make him talk it out - or pretend like it never happened.  I suspect he'd rather you do the latter.  It's really your call whether or not you want to hash it out, or let it slide, and that's going to depend on how solid you think he is with his girlfriend, and if you'd actually want a relationship with him at all. 
Your 13 year old sister is dating a 21 year old man?! That's absolutely outrageous. No wonder your mother thinks she's out of control. I understand being friends with people of different ages, I always had a difficult time bonding with people my own age, I always got along with either older or younger people. But dating is an entirely different issue. Should a relationship become sexual the adult can be charged with rape and will be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of their life. The fact is, until you're an adult you are a child regardless of your experience or intelligence. Frankly, teenagers just haven't had the life experience to make intelligent life decisions. A 13 year old is most definitely a child and should not be "hanging out" with adults, especially ones who can legally buy alcohol. As a mom, the situations that you and your sister are in absolutely terrify me. Regardless of what the normal behavior is in your town, both of you need to distance yourselves from adults and sstart appropriate friendships.
@vforventure i know i hated the fact she's dateing him but i cant do or say anything for the fact that my mom, dad and grandma all aprove of it. (13yrld sister doesnt drink or like the ionly one who drinks) i cant talk or hange with kids my age im unconfortable kids my age are mostly preps and the gang members here are crapy so i i hange with people from ages 17-30

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