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Our 10-month-old son is progressing normally, but recently, has started bobbing his head almost in a trance for several seconds at a time a couple of times a day. Is that some kind of siesure or nerve-related disfunction, or is he just discovering a new way to move his head?

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It sounds like it could just be him discovering a new way to move. Both my daughters did that (after watching the dog one day my oldest figured it out) and they evenutally let that stage pass. If you are concerned bring up at your next check-up or call the doctors office and let them know. Most Doctors would rather hear a few silly concerns than have a childs parent not call in for something serious.
While there is a type of siezure that involves involuntary movement or appearing to be in a trance, I doubt your son is having one of them.  Typically children don't develop epilepsy until they're older - around 7-8 years.  Another way of telling if they're having a seizure is if they're responsive during the activity.  If you can call your son's name and he snaps out of whatever he's doing, it's not a seizure.  Keep in mind too, just hearing that stuff like this exists makes a parent hyper-aware of it.  What makes you jump to seizures as a conclusion?  Did something happen recently to you or an aquaintance that puts that at the top of your mind? I agree, call your doctor, let them weigh in.  Chances are it's nothing.  And doctors don't mind questions out of nowhere - they'll appreciate hearing from you.
Since your sons's next check-up won't be for another couple of months I would give your doctor's office a call. Chances are it's nothing more than him experimenting with new movement, kids do weird things all the time. But, a call never hurts and it will give you some peace of mind.

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