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health insurance problems

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i am 9 weeks pregnant as of monday. i applied for medicaid, but was just informed that i will probably not qualify, because my husband makes too much money. i have scoured the phonebook calling every health insurance provider, and they are all telling me that i won't be able to recieve insurance until after my child is born. so, no one will cover me because im pregnant. what kind of shit is that? it's considered a pre-existing condition. does anyone have any information on where i could receive some type of benefits while i'm pregnant?

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That is some shit. I work at a clinic in Indiana where we serve the uninsured and homeless populations. We take insurance as well. We put our uninsureds on a sliding fee based on income. I think with our prenatals we only have them pay a portion of the cost in monthly increments. Do you know if there are any clinics like this remotely close to you? We are called FQHC's - or federally qualified health centers. Maybe try a pregnanct resource center as well..they might have a social worker on staff who could help you with some options. Also, insurance companies will say anything is a pre-existing condition. I had my insurance company deny my D&C when I had a misscarriage as a pre-existing condition...which I still don't understand. So, I am still paying on a $10,000 hospital bill. What makes me sick is that an abortion, which is basically the same thing as a D&C, costs much less. A real slap in the face to a greiving woman who actually wanted a baby.Good luck to you. I really hope you find something out there. In a perfect world if anyone should get medicaid coverage it's an uninsured pregnant woman, regardless of income.
Have you tried BlueCross Blue shields. My daughter has insurance through them, and they accepted her with a pre exisiting condition and still cover the currents costs of it.
Medicaid shouldn't refuse you, my friend got on it while she was pregnant. They do make you jump through hoops but they should accept you. I too think it's bullshit that they give pregnant people such a hard time. There are all these people abusing the system and when someone truly needs it, they deny them. I knew someone who's husband worked under the table and they got all types of assistance (food stamps, WIC, Medicaid) when they really didn't need it. It's just wrong!! Good luck! 
we had to use food stamps for a while, after money became extremely tight. the recession had a huge impact on the tattoo industry. no one had money for tattoos, and piercings, so my husband and i were just barely making ends meet. they ran out months ago, and we haven't applied again because we no longer needed them. however, this is what irritates me. when i went to apply, i was shocked at what i saw in the parking lot, and inside the office. there are people driving cadillac's and beemer's, wearing desinger threads, and carrying louis vuitton/ gucci/prada  purses.  their kids are in designer clothing, too! i'm mean high dollar stuff. the crap celebs probably dress their kids in.  i sat down next to a woman who was holding what had to be a $2000 purse, and her 3 year old daughter had diamond stud earrings. we left about the same time, and she climbed into a brand new lexus. i'm thinking, "how the hell do you get away with this? there's no way you need food stamps!" then i hit me, they have got to be selling dope on the side, and because they don't make enough money on paper, they collect welfare, food stamps, medicaid, and wic!
They do sell dope and prescription medicine on the side...I've seen it! I also knew a woman who had buddies in the housing assistance offices so her section 8 was renewed every year even though she was working! Her and her baby daddy also had a deal with child support. She never took him to court for child support and he paid her under the table so she didn't have to declare the money. Plus he bought their daughter ALL her school clothes and supplies. Somehow this girl had food stamps and Medicaid. How do you have Medicaid if oyu are working full-time at a place that offers you insurance?! This girl was LIVING LARGE all while cheating the system. She had two of them was this abnoxious purple mustang. Also, after she left where I work I found out she made more money that I did...and she could barely read and write properly! If you read a note that girl wrote you'd have no idea what it said. These people are the reason why Medicaid programs are going bankrupt.
got the letter in the mail this morning-i'm approved!
i will try to give some help,will contact you by email

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