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Heart Murmur?

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My daughter has been experiencing some weird symptoms lately, So I started googling things and found something about Heart Murmurs.It had a list of symptoms so I went down the list and realized my daughter had a few of them, So I took her to the doctor the next day. The doctor seemed unwilling to really answer my questions, and didn't really want to do any test. Which really bugged me because he acted like I was crazy and didn't know what I was talking about. Then he said she had a chest cold, and sent her home. Should I get a second opinion? Am I just being crazy?

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Things like heart murmurs are often caught on prenatal ultrasounds. If they are small, it's possible that it could have been missed, but, small ones generally close on their own, so there's nothing to worry about.if you aren't happy with how your doctor treats you, see another one. But, know that they really don't like when patients try to use it he Internet to diagnose problems. Generally, Internet research leads to hypochondria and worries about severe illnesses or conditions that are rare and almost never present. The Internet is great for information, but sometimes we get more than we need, whlead only leads to worrying over nothing.

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