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Heart palpitations and heart pounding at 24 weeks?

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Hi all, I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant with our second child. I have been experiencing heart palpitations and occasionally the sensation that my heart is racing and pounding really hard, even when I'm doing absolutely nothing. I do currently have borderline high blood pressure brought on by the pregnancy (around 138/96) for which I'm being very closely monitored. My OB-GYN had me get checked out by a cardiologist and everything looks great with my heart. I am just wondering if anyone else had similar symptoms while pregnant? I had a few episodes of a racing heart rate with my first pregnancy, but nothing compared to this time around.

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I had that feeling occasionally throught all three of my pregnancies. It didn't happen often and my blood pressure was always great so I was never concerned. If your cardiologist says everything looks fine I wouldn't worry too much. Do keep track of how often it happens and how long each episode lasts so that you can bring that information to your doctor.

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