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Helmet or no helmet?

5 answers
My son doesn't have afear of falling or headbutting anything. He is constantly falling or runing into furniture. He will hurt himself and cry for a second but then he is right back to doing it! We have tried to scare him but nothing we do will make him remember that it hurts if he does it. Any Tips?

answers (5)

Well i sugest you let him do it i know you don't want your baby to cry but he will run into something hard and then he will stop.
I don't think he needs a helmet. As long as he doesn't get hurt (cut open), he is fine. It is probably just a game to him.
Most babies are braver than their parents really want them to be. Hitting his head probably isn't going to do too much damage. As long as he's not cutting it open, or falling from a high distance he will be just fine.
Yea he hasn't cut it open yet just given himself several rather large pumpknots lol. ok thank you!
Helmets aren't necessary. Head bumps are normal for babies and toddlers. They won't cause brain damage or long term injury. Your son needs to learn what pain means and if it takes him 10 tomes of running into the same thing, that's what it will take. This is just one of those things that he has to learn for himself, nothing you can do will help him figure it out.

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