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Ok i had my last period on nov17,2010 and didnt find out i was preganet till dec18,2010 but on dec3,2010 i had went to the hospital cuz i was real sick with cough and all that so they gave me a chest xray 2 see if i had pnemonia i had no symptoms that i was preganet n it was time 4 my period yet i am just scared it will affect my baby i got a synogram a week ago the babys heartbeat was normal but i am still worried

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On Dec 3, your baby was only about 100 cells or so. If you have a regular 28 day cycle, you would have ovulated and conceived about Dec 1. Your baby would have implanted in the uterine wall about the time you found out, Dec 15 or so.  So, the chances of your baby being exposed to any radiation from the chest xray is very small. If something would have been wrong with the embryo, you would have gotten your period like normal, or maybe a couple days late and a bit heavier than normal. That is nature's quality control.Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)
Great answer avitoria! Also, you know the sonogram you got also has radiation in it right? The low levels they use pose VERY little hazard. If you were getting either on a daily basis, that wouldn't be good, but once or twice is fine. Technology was different years ago, which is when alot of the problems happened. (On a side note... a physiotherapist won't use ultrasound on a pregnant woman because of the risk... yet women always want more ultrasounds just to be able to take a peek at baby! Kinda funny really).

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