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my fiance's 6 year old came to live with him and i and our 2 year old son...he lived with his mother who had 9 other children and she did not show him much attention. he does not know manners at all and jumps on furniture and is not used to eating 3 meals a day. he really does not know how to function in a normal life. his mother never made him wear a seatbelt in the car and i think she made him go to bed very early because he got on her nerves or something... he cannot stay away past 6pm. we try so hard to keep him awake in the evenings because he wakes up around 5 and wanders around the house... if we sit him up to keep him awake he falls asleep sitting up... we do not know what to do about it!!! another thing is that he is sooooo skinny. i mean like sickly looking i have made him a drs appt. to get a checkup but he really will not eat anything cooked.. only wants to eat cereal or hot dogs. im so worried about him and his health!! does anyone have any ideas??? PLEASE HELP!!

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What a sad situation! I honestly don't know much about this kind of a situation, but I think it will take time for him to adjust. He probably isn't used to being able to trust adults so I think it will take a lot of love, and patience. You will probably have to gradually instill better eating habits in him, keep trying different things, a little at a time, until he starts to respond. Healthy fats - yogurt, beans, cheese - would be good in adding some weight if he will eat them. And I can't imagine how frustrating this will be for you, but you have to make sure he doesn't think he is doing something wrong. It isn't his fault he was raised this way thus far. As for keeping him up longer, maybe just very gradual, ten minutes at a time, he can adjust his sleeping patterns. Making him stay in bed in the mornings even if he just reads or plays? I saw a clock for kids at that has a picture of night and one of day, and it changes so they know in the morning when they look at it if its time to get up yet or not. Maybe something like that would be helpful. I don't know. This will no doubt be a long transition for you and your family but you have the opportunity to truly change this child's life for the better, so don't give up. Kids overall can adapt quickly to new situations, so just try to be patient and consistent, you'll get there. Best of luck to you.
First, if you gave both doctors the same date for your last period I don't know why there would be a discrepancy in your due date. Due dates are estimates but doctor use the same methods to calculate the date, so they should be the same from both doctors.As far as the "pop" is concerned, was it a sound or a feeling? They could mean different things. Either way, you should probably call your doctor's office to let them know, your doctor may want to see you.
The job market right now is really difficult. Your baby's father should try going to employment agencies to try to get more work. You should also look into your state's public health care for low income families, food stamps (if you need them), WIC, and other programs like Birthright that can help with food, formula, and even baby clothes and diapers.

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