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help 11 month old sleeps in our bed!!

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our daughter has been sleeping in our bed for a few months now. it was so easy and she was so small and i found comfort in her being close. but now sh'e's getting so big and kicks us all the time and we can't get her to sleep in her room. she's always had issues with this. she HATES her crib. it started this last time when we stayed at a hotel on a trip and the room was so cold and she peed through her pjs, i didn't have another set so let her sleep with us. ever since then in july she's been in our bed every night, we've tried letting her cry it out. she doesn't stop or gets so worked up she poops or just wakes up an hour later and starts all over again. that can't be healthy. plus we live in an apart building i don't want the neighbors to call child services or something. we've even tried a pack and play in our room by the closet doors which isn't more the 4 feet from the bed. but the second i move her she wakes up. or if i'm lucky enough to get her in it and she stays sleeping she freaks out when she wakes up an hour later and cries until she's back in our bed. then falls asleep right wawy. we've done everything to make her room sound and feel the same as ours. we just don't know whar to do anymore and a full sized bed is just too small for the three of us. help please.

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I know how you feel. I was in the same situation with my son. What finally worked was me sitting next to my son's crib while he fell asleep. He didn't like it at first, he wanted me to cuddle with him the whole time. But, I sat with him, soothed him, and patted him on the back. Eventually he got the idea that things were ok and that I wasn't abandoning him. As he got used to falling asleep in his crib I was able to leave a little bit earlier and soon he was falling asleep by himself.Also, you should try having your daughter spend more time in her crib during the day. Put her in there while you're cleaning her room and putting away her clothes. If she learns to be comfortable in there during the day it won't seem so scary at night.
I know its hard because every night that I put caitlyn in her crib it breaks my heart I feel like I should be in there with her but I think that when a child gets older its better to have them in their bed if you just take her toys in  her room and you guys play in there a while and she knows that she is safe in there she will sleep better alone.

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