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I am 36.3 weeks today. Last wed. I went into LD because of vomiting and contractions that were regular and wouldn't go away with change of pos. Or water. While I was there my blood pressure kept being unstable because of the medication that was given to me to stop the contractions (which didn't work) I was told I was 2cm dialated and that sice they saw no cervical change I was sent home. They told me I had a bladder inf and sent me home with keflex for the "inf"... this Saturday I went back in for increasing contractions. I was 2cm and was admitted. I was given a shot to stop the con. Which just made me feel high I was also given the same med from the last time and nothing worked. My cervix did change to a 4 but was sent home that I went in for increasing con. Wasn't there an hour before I got sent home...any advice on what to do now? I'm having bad con. I have bloody discharge and my head is pounding!

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At least call L&D to find out what to do. If you've been given medications to stop labor you have been experiencing early labor. There is no reason not to call or go back in. At 4cm you're considered to be in active labor. It may be a hassle for you but the safety of you and your baby is important. Also, the nurses and doctors at L&D are used to situations like this and aren't bothered by repeat visits.

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