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HELP!!! 7mo old, sleeping issues

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My daughter will be 8mo old on the 23rd of this month. Since she has started teething, her sleeping habbits have become horrible. Im at a loss as to what to do anymore. I feel extremly overwhelmed. Ive doen things to help her gums so they arent as painful. Now that her 2bottom teeth have come through, sleep has gotten even worse! She fights sleeping even when shes tired. I lay her in her crib and just try to haev her cry it out but its so hard. At night she usually goes to bed around 8pm-ish, and around 11pm its starts with the 1st wake up. Then about every 2hours there after she wakes up crying. Around 1 or 2am will give her a bottle to help settle her down, and or tylenol if she seems to be chewing. Sometimes i feel that she is just wanting to be help, ive heard of babies having seperation issues?? It has now gotten to the point where i need some kind of help and suggestions. I dont know what to do to make both of our lives easier :( PLEASE HELP!!

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Teething is a very long, very painful process and some babies don't handle it well. Teething and growing are worse when babies are sleeping because that's when their bodies can devote the time and energy to growing and nothing else. So it's normal for her teething pain to be worse at night. I would try giving your daughter some homeopathic teething tablets instead of Tylenol. I've used them on both my kids and they are amazing! Look for Hyland's or Humphrey's brands. They have four remedies int hem that work on pain, inflammation, swelling, redness and most importantly, sleeplessness and grumpiness! If your daughter had good sleeping habits before she's probably just experiencing problems because of the teething, and maybe because of a growth spurt as well. Try the teething tablets, give her a bottle if she needs it and comfort her as much as possible.

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