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Help? Am I or am I not pregnant?

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I stopped taking the pill about 2 weeks ago, my last period was on August 7. Now I can't stop thinking about whether I could be pregnant. I have been feeling really exhausted lately but I feel as though I am psyching myself out. I have to wait another couple weeks to see if I get my period but not sure how I am going to make it. Is it too early to experiencing the tiredness thats associated with pregnancy? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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I did the same thing when I went off the pill, around seven years ago.  I had some of the minor symptoms, and I even missed the first period off the pill, and went in to the doctor for a pregnancy test.  End result: not pregnant.  Which is not to say you're NOT, but that it's very common to psych yourself out at this point.  (It's also common to miss that first after-pill period, so keep that in mind.)  Look at it this way: you probably didn't ovulate until sometime within the last week.  If you're pregnant now, you're only JUST pregnant, and most people don't have symptoms quite that quickly! I know it's hard to wait the extra few weeks, but even an OTC pregnancy test isn't going to be reliable until you've missed that first period.  Try to keep yourself busy in the meantime, and the time will move quickly.
If you only stopped taking the pill 2 weeks ago I would guess NOT pregnant. if you miss your period then you can take a pregnancy test to find out, but no one here will be able to tell you if you are or not pregnant at this time...
Chances are that if it's only been two weeks since you stopped taking the pill you would be ovulating right about now. So unless you're having unprotected sex right now it's not terribly likely. And, it often takes at least a week or two before a woman's cycle returns to normal. At this point I'd bet that you're just psyching yourself out. But, I did get pregnant immediately after I stopped taking the pill, so it is possible. And since there is a chance that you could be pregnant you should abstain from alcohol, caffeine and smoking (or being around smokers). But, just relax and wait until your next period. 

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