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im no sure what to do about this....... ok i was liven with my girlfriend but i broke it off and moved out. Now im liven back with my step grandma she treats me like shit (why i moved out in the first pplace) but its woreser then before...shes against what i not sure what to do im going to be 17 in jan on the 5 i want to move with my friend josh buit then again i just fround out my step grandma is sick from her heart i dont know what to do because she hates me i want to help her out cuz shes behind in bills but every time i try to help she cusses me out and shit... i dont know what to do... any advise???

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You might feel bad if you left her and something happened. I do not know you or how you handle things but I know I would. You can try to help her and try to just brush it off. Sometimes old people can be a little gruff and have a hard time with the modern times and the way kids are today.  I know it is tough but try to just be nice and see what happens. It is easier to just go with it then to get all angry.
It's fantastic that you want to help your grandmother, even though she's treated you poorly.  I think you're definitely wanting to do the right thing.  That said, you shouldn't have to put up with mental abuse from anyone.  Older people, particularly at the end of their lives, can get fairly abusive.  (My grandmother did.)  Is there anyone in your family you can talk to about this, to find out if she's spreading the abuse to others?  And if so, is there anyone who can talk to your grandmother's doctor about the abuse, which could be a sign of other problems (such as depression, bad reactions to medications, or even demensia).  It's also good to talk to others for help.  You don't mention how much care your grandmother needs (if any), but if it's just you and her, and she's got heart problems, this is going to be important in the long run.  If there aren't family members, and you don't feel comfortable talking to her doctor, try to talk to the teachers or counselors at your school, or any adult who you trust.  There are organizations out there that can help families in your situation.  I'd even contact the local branch of LAMDA - they may have suggestions on how to get along better with your grandmother, too. Good luck - it's hard, but you're trying to do the right thing, and that makes you a fantastic person.
If you want, move in with Josh but try to contact her everyday. Visit or call, doesn't really matter. You'll know she is okay and have a good concience (sorry, can't spell tonight). You won't have to take her abuse. I bet half the time she doesn't even know how she's treating you. If you want, send some money her way for bills every once in a while. That's really up to you. The heart problems are probably stressing her out causing her to be the way she is towards you and the fact that you are "different" from the average teen. Did you sit her down ever and have a heart-to-heart with her about why you are the way you are? Heck, when I dye my hair black, I have to explain to people that I'm not goth, just that I don't want to be like the girls around here and be blonde. (I prefer my dark brown hair anyways). Kinda weird, but I never really had to explain the blue or purple lip stick. Anyways, you are who you are, and if she doesn't like it then tough. Do what makes you happy. You'll be thankful in the long run.
sjvanderwey----true i would feel really bad because she raised me from age 3 to 15. people would say i am a scary mature girl for my age. i try to handle things in a positive way were everyone gets what they want but me. im the type of persone who does for others and not myself.                      thank you for your advise and ill think on it                azriona----thank you...          its only me ive talked to everyone who lives with her and its only me. my older sister says its because im not her real granddaughter and because im diffrent from they other kids. i dont like doctors i have a hard time talking to them, truthfully they scare me.       she needs help around the house, bills, yard work, some to run around and get things she needs, etc..i go to a continuation school only one teacher and he dont really care about ur problems or what u do.As for LAMDA they pissed me off last time i talked to them about my ex girlfriends sister.               thank you for your help   AAWM----i want to but i dont know. She knows how she treats me. i give her $40 bucks every 3 days. I tryed siting her down to talk to her but she never wants to hear it because she is against my sexual orentation n my dress code. i dont know how to do what makes me happy im not use to it.              thank you for your help. 

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