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Help, baby & I are sick :/

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Im sick. Have had a headache , stuffed up nostril that drips (if that makes any sense) since last night. Took bby boy to his Doc on Wed because he sounds alittlr raspy/phlegmy, has been coughing and sneezing..She checked him out and said chest was clear, just a little cold, not worried about it. Not to give medicine. My ?s are- What can i do for both of us to get better? I know to keep on BFeeding, but what else? Also if he doesn't improve, within how many days should i take him back? I dont have medical/insurance where i can just go see a doctor but my baby does. Please help with info and tips/advise. TIA

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When babies are sick they want to be warm and snuggled.  Close your bathroom door and turn on your shower, let the room get very steamy.  Run the bath and lay in the tub with her little one.  The steam with clear out your nose and theirs.  If he does not spike a fever, throw up or get the runs real bad I would not worry.  You can also call and talk to a nurse in the dr's office if things get worse.  If the nurse says bring him in then do, but its probably a virus and nothing the dr can do anyways.
Thank you Milliesmom. Forgot to mention he is 15 weeks old & last night i checked with a rectal thermometer it was 98.7
I think the magic number is 100.4 (its been a while sense I have had a sick baby so I don't remember).  Anything below that is not considered a fever.  And at the age you don't want to give him any meds and there is no cold meds approved for kids under 2.  Hope the little guy and you too feel better soon.
Little Noses works wonders for me. All it is a saline solution for babies noses. It really helps clear out their nose, you really only need it if he is having a hard time breathing. You can buy it at any drug store, and its only about $3 or $4 dollars.
little noses is great, and also run a cool mist humidifier in his room. if you don't have one, then cut on the shower, close the bathroom door, and wait until it get's steamy before you sit in there with him for a few minutes. i would call the ped back if he's not better in 3-5 days. the doc he saw should have given you clear instructions on him, and when to call back if you needed to.
okay, thanks! yea he HATES the booger bulb ;) Goes crazy whenever sees it
warm baths its better to just keep him in a onsie with a blanket around him
Oceana I am agree with you.. Warm bath might help.Thanks
Thats the plan! Thanks :)

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