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Help! Can someone tell me if this could be implantation bleeding?

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I had sex Aug 16th. I was supposed to be ovulating from august 15-20th. I missed my pill on the 16th cuz I was side tracked with my sisters wedding. My question is...I was supposed to get my period sunday the 25th...I didnt start spotting til tuesday...and its just that. Spotting. Light cramps that come and go. Nothing like a normal period for me. All ive needed is a panti liner and it doesnt get soaked or anything. Its brownish and then pinkish colored...and im just not sure. Has anyone ever gone through this? Please help. Thanks so much.

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TakeTakiake a pregnancy test. That's the only way to know whether or not you are pregnant.if you are on birth control pills, you should not be ovulating. The pills suppress ovulation, which is why you don't get pregnant while taking them. Missing one pill, even during the time when you would normally be ovulating shouldn't have much, if any effect on your hormone levels, so it isn't likely that you are pregnant. But take a test just to be sure.

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