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help!!! could i still be pregnant??

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Okay so i have been ttc for 2 months but have been having unprotected sex for 8 months now. Last month i was expecting AF around the 17th and once it was the 20th and AF had still not shown i had a blood test that came back neg. Two days later AF came but lighter and shorter than usual. This month AF was expected on the 18th and its now the 23rd and still no AF. I had blood tests done on the 16th and my doctor had ordered a pregnancy blood test also, which came back negative. Im so confused and i was hoping that maybe someone else could tell me if something similar has happened to them? I plan to test by saturday if AF doesnt show, but the wait is killing me. I just dont want to get my hopes up. Also other symptoms of pregnancy have shown(exhaustion, slight cramping, nausea).. just not sure if its that or possibly pre mens.

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