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help feeding my son who is only one and a half year old?

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now he is even underweight he should be in 25th percenntile but he is only on 10percentile ... thats crazy either i am not taking good care and not feeding him enough or what is happening ... this is freaking me out.i know he is teething a lot lately he is getting teeth and jaws and everything but he wouldnt even eat even soft foods ... oh god will he ever eat or what to do ..... and this thing makes me angry and mad at him... and its worst feeling ever to like yell at him.what to do its making me almost sleepless at night.anyhelp and advice will be appreciated.

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This might be a long shot, but maybe he has food allergies?  Not all food allergies end up in anaphylaxis.  They can be extremely uncomfortable to painful though, which is never a fun thing to associate with food.Other possibilities could be oral-motor issues, sensory issues, or simply asserting independence.  I'd definitely bring up these concerns with your son's pediatrician soon, and hopefully you and your son can get things situated soon.Good luck!
if you are that concerned, then you need to contact his doc.

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