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Help getting dad on board with a birthing center vs hospital

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Hello! Do any of you have good, scientific journal articles about the safety of giving birth at a birthing center? My parents are 150% against it, but my husband is a very reasonable person and told me that he's not saying "no," I just have to convince him. He's a med student, so it's not the easiest task. I want everyone to feel comfortable with my decision. I think my parents are a lost cause, but at least I get get my husband on board. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Have your husband go with you to a birthing center to take a tour  and talk to a doctor/midwife,once he knows what goes on at a birthing center and the saftey of it he may be more open to trying it.
Is there anything that the birthing center does or allows that hospitals in your area do not? If not, why not just go to a hospital? The ones I've delivered at (in 3 different states) have all allowed time in a hot tub/bath tub, walking around, no medication, etc. The last one didn't even require an IV. Hospitals are becoming more and more liberal with their policies, and in most cases, midwives have hospital privileges.I'm too paranoid about the potential for problems, so I will alwaysb e in a hospital. Even with a completely routine pregnancy all sorts of things can happen during labor and delivery. My first baby was hand-breech and I needed an episiotomy. A friend of my mom's (who is in her late 20's) ended up with an emergency c-section and a ruptured bowel after 50 hours of pushing during a failed homebirth. Since your husband is a med student, I understand his concerns completely. While women have been giving birth naturally for thousands and thousands of years, there is always a very real possibility of life-threatening complications that can't be predicted.
Yes, actually, there is a lot birthing centers do that the hospitals in my area don' everything you mentioned. There isn't even a tub in the delivery room at all. It's not TERRIBLE to have a baby at the hospital, but it would absolutely be a drastically different experience.

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