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Help Help Help im worried i think my water broke NOT SURE

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I have just peaed like 3 times in like 10 min but it doesnt smell like pea and it feels like im leaking im not sure someone help please

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When you move--ie jump, roll over, move your belly--does water come out?Can you press on your belly and make water come out?Depending where you are in the can always go in to the ER...they can test the water.Keep hydrating yourself...your body will replenish the water.  With the first one, I thought it broke..but it was just a big baby on my bladder.  When it did eventually break, it was like I popped a water balloon on my shoes...Based on what you have said so far, I would guess "no"...but it never hurts to check...and if it gives you peace of mind, it is worth it.Hope this helps,mom of 3
If you don't feel right and thinking that possibly your water broke then you should go into the hospital as they will test it and you know for sure. Don't feel like it will be an inconvience as this is your health as well as your baby's. When your water breaks there's not one way it will happen. With my first it never did break, broke as my son was being pushed out. With the second it felt like I pee'd myself and everytime I moved a little more would leak out. And with my third felt like I had to pee and when I got then it was a gush (like what genkigirl21 said).
go to the hospital immediately...breakage of water starts the clock ticking for infection. An amnisure and other lab tests can determine if your bag is ruptured or not. An ultrasound can also tell you how much fluid is around the baby. If everything is ok then you will be sent home with peace of mind.
go to the bathroom and pee then stop your pee in mid stream if you still have water coming out then your water broke and you need to go to the dr.

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