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HELP! im due in feb 2012!!!

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haven a boy not sure what to name him! im looking for a ancient vampier name....any ideas?

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I think your best source will be the various and numerous vampire novels.  Read them (or their summaries), write down the names you like, run them by a few people if you're not sure.  If you're really more focused on the "ancient" and not "vampire", it might be worth your while to look at ancient-style names - Greek, Roman, Arabic, whatever suits your fancy. I gather you're going for unusual, which definitely has its benefits, but remember: at the end of the day, your kid is going to have to face the schoolyard and clueless substitute teachers with this name.  Whatever you pick, try to make it at least pronounceable and ensure it doesn't rhyme with anything truly obnoxious!
I named my cats Stefan and Damon after the Vampire Diaries. Browse the vampire section in the library and look at the back of the books for names or google vampire names on the internet. Go with something that has a good meaning or story behind it. Something you can share with him when he gets older. But make sure it doesn't sound like something else because some people are stupid and don't use their ears. My daughter's name is Amarlys and people always call her amaryllis (the flower). Gets me so mad every time. Good luck and happy hunting!
I agree with azriona. Do some research but make sure you decide on a name that is easy to pronounce, easy to spell and won't get him picked on in school. Remember, girls can get away with unusual names easier than boys can. School is tough for boys and his name shouldn't make it more difficult. (I grew up with an unusual name and even though I'm a girl, it was still hard. I'm 28 and to this day I still hate my name. You don't want that for your son.)
i hate the name edward n edwardo.....i come from a line of witches, vampiers n well the kind of stuff people think is all fake......these are names i had in mind...blade-tomb of dracculabeelzebub-devilcrimson-color of blooddamien-boy from the omendesdemon-of the devilkaleo-shattered mirrorlestat-anne rices vampier

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