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help!!!!!!!! im having some problems... First pregnancy 32 weeks...

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i dont know if im over reacting but about a hour ago i woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach and pelvix area and i started feeling like i wanted to throw up/ heartburn. I also felt really dizzy when i sat up so i laid back down and when i did that i could not get comfy or go back to sleep. when i try to i would get start feeling the same way all over again ( throwing up / heartburn/ pressure around my pelvix) and when the baby began to move he felt really low and it also felt like he was pushing out. Ive looked up on different useful websites to see waht could be wrong and i dont exactly fit into the preterm labor and im not haveing any bloody show or anything like that but my discharge is kinda starting to get watery but it also changes threw out the going to call the doctor first thing in the morning... but i kinda want to know if i should go to the hospital or just relax... i woke up my boyfriend and he has helped me calm down and im starting to feel alittle better but im still nervious becuz i have never felt like this durnin my whole pregnancy... and i kinda feel like something is going on that just dont feel right

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If you don't feel right go to the doctor!!! It's better to get checked and trust your insticints than not.You can go into labour even if have not had the bloody show. I have not lost my mucus plug with my 3 pregnancies. Your discharge can be a part of the mucus plug but can happen weeks before actual labour. If your discharge is watery and leaks at anytime, especially with movement, and slightly feels like you pee'd your pants I'd say go to the doctor. As your water may have broke, by a small tear. They will test the fluid and let you know for sure.All and all, try to stay relaxed and calm. Your doctor is a phone call away.

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