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My ten month old has been spoiled since the day he arrived and ive noticed he is starting to become, dare I say it, A BRAT. ive recently tried time out. what is the best way for me to teach him no means no? His temper is terrible!

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Ten months old doesn't really understand the meaning of "no" - they're just now getting the idea that we're talking and not babbling.  I've also found that time outs don't really work with babies that young - they just don't get the concept. What exactly is your son doing that makes you say he's a brat?  Just yelling isn't really bratty behavior for a ten-month-old - it's what babies that age DO.  Heck, it's the only communication they've got at their disposal, most of the time!  What behavior are you trying to correct?  Without knowing, it's hard to offer suggestions.
My son is a sweetheart, and he does have his moments, we try not to spoil him at home, we assume that when he goes to grammas he's gonna get sweets etc, so he doesn't get them at home. Basically what we did with Vince, is we were consistant, no ALWAYS ment no and always WAS no with cellphones, and touching this or that. Never a *sigh fine if you want it*, it sucks, and trust me I understand the notion of giving in so they can shutup, but the quiet is only ever temporary that way. Just put your foot down, PICK YOUR BATTLES, if it's honestly ok for him to play with something, don't say no just to say no, reserve that for the outlets, or vaccum cleaner, or oven and the message gets through a lot better
Without knowing the specifics of his behavior it's hard to offer suggestions. But, if you're concerned about yelling/screaming, throwing toys/food/etc., getting into things he shouldn't, don't be. That's all normal behavior. Make sure your home is adequately baby proofed and when he does do something you don't want him to (hitting, biting, throwing things) it's ok to tell him no. I started telling my kids no when they started crawling. I would also redirect their attention to a different activity or toy so they would learn what was ok and what wasn't. Always be consistent and he will learn. I've always felt like a mean, strict Mama because I'm always correcting my kids behavior or am telling them no, but it works. My kids are really well behaved. It's a lot of work on your part though, so be prepared.

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