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Hi I'm trying to potty train my 3 yr old and its so hard. He refuses to tell me when he has to go, I put him in underwear and he still pees in them and doesnt tell me. I have him on pampers as well and when he poos he doesn't bother to tell me either I have to smell it, and he doesn't care to be left in his pee or poop pampers. I've tried leaving him in them and it doesn't affect him. I sit by him when he's on the toilet and I read stories to him and show him videos on my phone, we even put blue tape and made an x so he can aim at it and he has absolutely no interest in it. As soon as I took him off the toilet he pees in his underwear, its really frustrating but I try not to show him. I just don't know where to began since he doesnt tell me when he has to go or when he used the restroom in his pamper or underwear. I also have a one yr old that watches his older brother on the toilet so I'm hoping he learns how to use it as well. Please I need any advise and if anyone is going thru exactly what I'm going thru.

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My 3 year old son was potty trained and then regressed, so wew're having to start from the beginning. What worked for us was using a potty chair in the beginning. That way he coul shave his feet in the ground and felt safer. It's best to have kids start by sitting down rather than standing up, since it can be tricky to differentiate between the need to pee or the need to poop.We also used candy rewards for each successful pee or poop in the potty chair. For peeing, we give one small candy, like one m&m, and for poop we give a bigger candy like a small peanut butter cup or a small lollipop. And of course, giving lots of praise with each successful attempt helped a lot to encourage progress.make sure you don't scold or punish for accidents, as that kind of negative attention only reinforces the bad habit. Until your son gets the hang of going in a potty chair (I like the Baby Bjorn or Prince Lionheart chairs) keep him in training pants. They are absorbent, so you won't be cleaning up messes, but they look like underwear, which make them a nice transition. I like the Earth's Best training Because because they are Eco-friendly. They are also good to use overnight.

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