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HELP ME! Honestly, freaking - baby not even 6 months & prego AGAIN?!

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My son will be 6 months old on Friday - and I just found out 3 days ago that I am pregnant yet again. My parents aren't happy about it saying that we should have gotten stable before we had another, but it happened (and we only seriously had sex 2-3 times the entire month!!!). I am a new RN and have insurance and the house we live in now will soon be put into my name. But, now I am so worried about how this will all transition with my now baby who will be a year and 2 months old when this next one is born. How will I get them BOTH on a sleep schedule? How will I be able to pick both of them up when they are crying (my almost 6 month old is already a little cuddle bug who wants to be held 24/7)? How will I get any grocery shopping done with two babies? Will I EVERRRR get any sleep to stay sane enough to take on 2 babies?? Who in their right minds will want to watch two babies without me having to put them into daycare??? I am so overwhelmed that I have not been able to sleep the past few nights and so I am up right now writing this. HELP!!!

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First, just breathe. Your situation is what it is, adding more stress isn't the answer. My kids are 18 months apart, having kids close together really isn't as difficult as people think it is. I love their close relationship, they are best friends and it's wonderful.By 14 months your older child should have a good sleep schedule. There is no reason a child of that age can't be sleeping 10-12 hours through the night. In a few months you can start working on weaning off night feedings (except during growth spurts).Chances are that both chidlren will not be crying at the same time. And if/when that happens just hold your baby and have your son sit next to you on the couch so that he can get a little cuddle. Juggling two isn't tricky until they're both toddlers/preschoolers, but even then it isn't a big deal. Your son will have to grow up a little once your new baby comes but if you make it fun for him, he won't have a problem. Let him help as much as possible with getting diapers, pacificiers, bottles, etc.If you have family close I'm sure they will be more than happy to watch both of your kids. If not, try to find a friend who is a stay at home mom or a small in-home day care.
Don't let it stress you out, you can't change your situtation so theres no reason to let it worry you. I had my kids 12 months apart and it's kinda stressful having 2 young kids, but I am soo happy that they were born when they were because they are so close in age. They are best friends, when one of them is upset or scared they will comfort eachother it is soo cute. I love them being that close in age it acually has made things easier in the long run. 
Thank you both for your comforting words :)My son already sleeps through the night. He's bigger than some 1 year olds lol - He is 22lb & 28 in long.Thank golly we r passed the night feedings w him.
that's why the doc offers you birth control at your 6-8 week post partum visit. people don't realize how easy it is to become pregnant again in the few months following delivery.

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