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Help my 19 month old has aggressive behaviors

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One of my toddlers in my class has been biting, pulling hair, and pushing since they were 14 months old. I have encouraged using words. They are getting quite a few. They are using no no and mine more and more. The aggressive behavior is often over a toy. I have multiple of toys and J give them others that are just like the one they have. I also use redirection. Time outs are not allowed. I also show soft and gentle touches. I need help. I'm at the end if my wits with them. They aren't doing it with their parents so hey aren't able to help. They are also expecting a baby in 3 weeks. I know that can be part of it the behaviors. I need some advice. Help please.

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Why are time outs not allowed? In all honesty, that's the only thing that works when my kids refuse to listen. I don't see any reason why a day care provider shouldn't be allowed to give a short time out.but, since that's the case, you just have to keep doing what you're doing. Consistency is key.
I would love to use a time out especially for some of my 2 year olds but company policy says no time outs till age 3. This is said because children don't have the necessary reasoning skills till age 3. I'm so frustrated with this child. For 5 months this child has progressively gotten worse with nothing working to stop it.
speaking as a parent of three kids under 5, little ones definitely have enough intelligence and reasoning skills to understand what time outs mean. But, if it's company policy, there's not really much you can do about that.whether they think they can do anything or not, you need to talk with this child's parents. They need to fully understand what is going on. It's possible that this child is upset about the new baby that will be arriving soon, but I doubt it. I haven't seen kids get upset or jealous or act out until after the baby is sounds like you're doing the best you can. With limitations on the kind of discipline you are allowed to give, you just don't have a lot of options. this child's behavior isn't a reflection of your abilities as a teacher. Sometimes kids are just difficult.
All you need are appropriate boundaries.Events happen in this world and our little ones need to see that un-happy emotions do not have to be ignored, but can be, and must be, faced head on, with guidance from trusted people in our lives.  I teach signing and mommy and me like classes, check out my webstie on some tips of how I handle emotional outbursts.
This is really a trouble. It is very difficult to change them. till now, there are not the complete ways. It can only do combined with their fact. |
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