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HELP!! my 3 yr old is afraid to go up ladder

4 answers
She loves her swinget and loves to slide. She was doing well and one day she wasnt paying attention and almost fell, now she will not even attempt to try again. She also fell off her glider swing because she wasnt holding on, and again refuses to try again. I have told her that she needs to pay attention and tried bribes but no go. Please I need help. I dont want her to live with this fear any longer, it has been over 2 weeks.

answers (4)

Im sure she will try again, might take some time. Just stay with her and maybe show her that you can do it and its safe
She will try again for sure, it will justb take a little time. if u do it and show her u dont get hurt then she will prolly do it too. 
give her time. don't rush her. rushing does more harm than good.
Dont rush it, she will go again on her own time. She will forget about it pretty soon.

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