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HELP with my 6 yr old daughter

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My daughter Amelia says I am ruining her life everytime I tell her she can't do something or its time for bed. I know kids are kids and they say the darnest things but it really makes me feel bad. I don't know how to handle this . She only does this when her dad is not home. I try not to get mad or fuss at her but I do not know what to do. Can you please help?

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My girls are little, but they're already plenty meoldramatic. But, I make sure to watch what I say so that they don't start picking up this kind of exaggeration. If you are prone to exaggeration or hyperbole, think about modifying what you say. Kids definitely learn from example. If she picked up this habit from friends, try explaining to her that it's not nice to talk that way. Tell her you love her, that you would never want to do anything to hurt her or ruin her life. Then explain why you have rules, that they aren't arbitrary but that they're for her own health, safety, and well being. The sooner you can get her to stop some of the drama and understand that rules are made for a reason, the easier she'll be to deal with when she's a teenager.

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