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help!!! my 7 month old won't go to sleep

2 answers
My son is 7 months and he used to be on a schedule. He would go to bed by 8:30pm. It's been about a week where he won't go to bed, he thinks it's playtime when it's time to sleep and doesn't go to sleep until 10pm or later!!! Help...why is he out of his routine all of sudden???

answers (2)

I really wouldn't worry so much. Babies schedules change as they get older, sometimes it's just part of development. Also, maybe your routine has changed somehow, that could be affecting his sleep pattern too. He'll eventually adjust, sometimes it just takes a little time. If you want him in bed by 8:30, you might just need to let him cry it out. He might have to cry it out a few nights in a row, but he'll soon learn it's time for sleep and not to play. Also don't let him nap past 4 pm. Napping past 4 pm can make it difficult for a child to got to bed at a decent time.
Thanks for the advice!  That makes me feel a lot better :) 

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