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HELP... my baby just turn 8months today and still not sitting up

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My baby boy just turn 8months today and isn't sitting up or crawling ,I'm a first time mom so I have no idea how to help my baby out so plz if anyone knows any suggestions on how to help me teach my son on how to learn to sit up and crawl PLZ RESPOND BACK!!!!!

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A baby's physical development isn't something you can teach. each baby develops on their own in their own time. Things like sitting up and crawling have more to do with muscle strength than learning what to do. Make sure you're giving your son plenty of tummy time during the day so he can strengthen his muscles. There are also booster seats you can get to help teach him, but if his muscles aren't strong enough a booster (like a Bumbo or Bebe Pod) can cause their muscles to develop improperly. You can talk to your son's pediatrician about your concerns regarding his development to see if he needs some sort of physical therapy. 
All children have different development rates,my daughter is 10 months old and is using the table to stand up already which in my opinion is soon, other children don't stand up untill 1 year old so don't worry.
Also on the restricted development front, my aunt was told that the walker her daughter was always in restricted her arm muscles. All of my children walked before their first birthday, the youngest being 9 1/2 months when she started walking, My friend whose son just turned 1, is barely crawling and cant hold is weight yet, so all babies do hit different milestone at different ages. Hopefully you take your baby in for all his well-child checks and thats where any concerns should be brought up. Your doctor will say whether you should be concerned or not. There is always physical therapy if there are any issues.
I don't think 10 months is early to start pulling up on furniture. My kids were pulling up and cruising furniture when they were each about 7 months old. My daughter walked at 10 months, my son started at 11 months.The best way to encourage physical development is to give babies a lot of tummy time throughout the day. Chances are they'll hate it at first because they can't move. But if you spend time on the floor with them or have them lay on your chest so you're face to face it's a little easier. And the more they do it the stronger they get. We had to get a tummy time mat with a little Boppy pillow on it for my son because his head was so big. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't lift his head and it made him crazy. But the little Boppy pillow supported his chest just enough that he could get his head up to see things and he gained strength quickly. He enjoyed tummy time and he ended up hitting some milestones early, often developing multiple skills at once. He started sitting up, crawling, pulling up to stand and cruising furniture all within a two week time span.
My daughter started crawling around 7-8 months and was sitting up at like 5 months maybe 4, I am a first time mommy shes my first kid I don't know much about what they should do and when they should do it. She pulls up on the table all the time and has even tried to take a step,sooo excited about that....
It is definitely exciting, and all kids develop differently. I was just saying that pulling up at 10 months isn't early. And I didn't know a whole lot about infant development when my daughter was born, so I spent a lot of time reading and researching as much as I could. You're on this site a lot, take advantage of all the information it has to offer. Read about development, feeding, etc. 

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