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Help-my son has suddenly become afriad to sleep and is really anxious

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We bought a new video monitor 1mo ago, w/ intercom and I used the intercom to tell my 2.5yo son to get back in bed. It scared him to death, he came running out of the room, crying/screaming. That same week, he came down w/ a fever for approx 4days and was hiding under the covers, not sleeping and crying alot. I thought it was the fever, but after the fever was over he still hid under the covers. I took the monitor out last week b/c he would say things like "the monitor can't hurt you". He used to be a great sleeper, loved his bed, would lay in there and talk and sing. Now he becomes really anxious when eating lunch or dinner before bed. I need help!!! He will fall asleep w/ covers over his head, after about 45min, he'll wake up crying. If I go in and try to comfort him, he will just be overtired for the rest of the day. I've let him "cry it out" for over 1hr too. Thoughts? I want my good sleeper back!!!!!

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Sounds like monster spray is needed... ok here is what my parents did... My mom made up a little book where the little girl or boy as you have a boy goes around his room spraying for monsters before bed with a speacial spray and how it scares all the mosnters away while they are sleeping (think invisible forcefield) then she bought some air freshener (make sure to buy one that you think smells ok) and pasted a label over the top that said monster spray they I directed where she sprayed it (closets, under beds) until I was sure it was safe... i think we had it for every kid in my family and my parents both swear it worked great when we were scared to sleep in our rooms
turcoise,great idea! i will have to remeber that when my daughter gets to this stage in life. thanks!

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