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Help My son Misses my husband when he goes to work...Now it's too bad.

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Recently my husband got a second job (part-time) so now he works night and day and has only about a couple of days off, but it's not enough for my 3 year old. when ever we are alone I talk to him and explain that daddy has to go to work and he will stay with me and his sister after I pick them up from daycare and we can go to the beach or do whatever he wants and he accepts and it's fine, until, he sees my husband getting ready to go he start crying and running around and he tells my husband please don't go to work I don't want to loose you, then he says he doesn't want any toys he doesn't want him to buy him anything but please don't go to work. lets play and lets do this and that. the point is in the end my husband feels horrible leaving to work and thinks I don't help him with my son and talking to him about him going to work. and my son is heart broken at home asking me to call him and getting upset because he's not there. I try to keep him busy by doing activities. but it's getting worst. what do I do to help him deal with this separation anxiety he has? please help

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The important thing to remeber in all this is that he really is okay. He may need some one on one Daddy time. Have your husband create a special time every week or just a few minutes every night and spend it with just him. It can be really hard for him especially if he has to share all his time with you and his sister. Doing the 1 on 1 time is really amazing, and will help him feel more special to his daddy.
i agree that as much one on one time with the kids as possible is needed.  but also, if you think you can or need to, see if you can move things around.  does he need to have two jobs?  are there other income options (for either of you).  is this a short term situation?  try to be honest with yourselves.  decide what you want for your family in the long run and see if you're on track.  it's a really tough spot.  i'm religious, so i always pray and try to meditate when i have to make big decisions.  in the end, only you and your husband can decide what's best for your family. 

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