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Help, sorry its all running together hope its readable! any advice pls

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please read all My son was breastfeed for 1 month, then because i got mastitis i stopped and it was way to painful for me. He was on the enfamil premium infant from that point on. At the age of 7 months he stopped taking a bottle and formula! Now I did try several different kinds of bottles and formula to see if that was the problem. didnt work. OK, last saturday i was sick(throwing up) next day i was fine. then sunday night my son started throwing up(figured it was a 24 hr bug) he was fine the next day, then tuesday he threw up twice. Now going back a little my son DOESNT drink liquids, nothing sometimes he will take sips out of my cup or a sippy but he doesnt take but 5 sips then hes done and doesnt want anything else to do with it, ive tried it back to Tuesday, since he wasnt drinking and had been throwing up and not having many wet diapers i was told to take him to the hospital. so i did. they gave him a bag of fluid couple mins in the dr wanted him to potty he hadnt so they used a catheter, (it was horrible for the both of us) he was completely dry he ended up getting 2 bags and one more catheter! finally they got some and said he was fine and we got to go home. but im lost at what to do to get him to drink. finally hes started eating again so not worried about food just liquids. someone told me about something called tongue tie, and i beleive my son has this. the top one. i made an apt for tomorrow morning and im VERY nervous that he has this, if so i believe the only way to fix it is surgery! although he didnt have many of the Symptoms I had them all... his symptoms •Difficulty latching on or falls off the breast easily----- kinda had this •Gumming our chewing the nipple while nursing------YES •Unable to hold a paci or bottle-----NO •Gassy (babies with ties often swallow a lot of air because they cannot maintain suction properly)----YES •Poor weight gain---NO •Excessive drooling-----NO •Baby is not able to fully drain breast----SOMETIMES Mama’s Symptoms •Creased/flat/blanched nipple after feedings----YES •Cracked/blistered/bleeding nipples----YES •Discomfort while nursing-----YES •Plugged ducts------YES •Thrush/mastitis-----MASTITS YES Did any of your kids have this??? and not want to drink anything? any suggestions or advice anything?

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A baby being tongue tied is easy to diagnose when they're little. From what you describe of his symptoms, it doesn't sound like that is his problem. Plus, he wouldn't start having problems drinking now, he'd have had problems from birth. The symptoms you had while breastfeeding sound like the result of a latch problem.As far as getting him to drink more goes, I know you've tried everything imaginable and I can't think of any advice to offer. Just offer him liquids all the time. Even if he only takes a couple sips at a time it's better than nothing.

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